Detective Conan Sets the Date! Synchronized Premiere with Japan


The newest cinematic installment of Detective Conan, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, brought to the Chinese mainland by the entertainment subsidiary of the Orix Group, Open Culture Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd., and promoted by Huace Film & Tv Co.,Ltd, has officially set its premiere date. On April 17, 2021, Saturday, the film will grace screens across the nation, trailing the Japanese release by just one day.

Marking the 24th film in the Detective Conan franchise, this movie is directed by Satomi Nagaoka, with Takeharu Sakurai as screenwriter, and the special guest Minami Hamabe as voice actress. The plot unfolds in Tokyo amidst the buzz of the world's largest sports festival, WSG, where the executives of renowned sponsoring companies face a series of abductions. Entangled in this web is the new vacuum superconductive maglev train, boasting top speeds of 1000km/h from Shin-Nagoya to Tokyo, thrusting the Akai family, the FBI, and Conan into an international spotlight as they unravel a major case.

Through the joint efforts and amicable collaboration between Chinese and Japanese entities, a simultaneous release has been achieved, allowing the vast legion of Conan enthusiasts in China to indulge in the mystery alongside an international audience.