The Beginning of OCE

“Carry on the past achievements and embark upon a transcendent journey.”

With the global vision for development and our own financial genes, Open Culture Entertainment (OCE) has been dedicated to promoting the growth of our business through cross-border resource integration. Back in 2014, Haichang Ocean Park cooperated with Doraemon to hold carnival activities. ORIX Asia Capital, our parent company who holds the share of Haichang Ocean Park, seized the opportunity to meet the Japanese copyright owner of Doraemon, and then enter the entertainment market.

In 2015, OCE invested in and facilitated the release of the movie, Doraemon: Stand by Me, in mainland China. Through this opportunity, OCE advanced the combination of IP and industry by building a one-stop service platform centered on film, television, and animation IPs, and explore diverse ways of IP development and unlimited business possibilities.

The Present of OCE

“Brave the winds and waves and forge ahead with fearlessness.”

The year 2022 has witnessed the recession of cinemas and the winter of the industry. Nevertheless,we survived the sufferings and kept moving forward. We achieved licensing cooperation with leading companies in the industry including Babe’s Bottle, M&G Stationery, Bilibili Cilishang (Chinese: 磁力赏),Lightyear Studio, Pop Mart etc., and expansion of derivative licensing business. In the upcoming year, we will embrace more new partners with open attitude to extend our business territory.

While the tide is going out, we persist in exploring and innovating in new fields. We officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Mantis Vision, a 3D vision technology company, pursuing the goal of expanding entertainment border with new technology, and seeking new models in the Web3.0 era. Besides, with the iteration of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, AR, and VR, the content industry is ushering in more explorations.

The Future of OCE

IP Content Leads Comprehensive Integration of Technology, Products and Service

Open Culture Entertainment (OCE) has been focusing on the technology combination with the core of IP. Plenty of implementation cases in the Japanese market give us reference. For example, users can be accompanied by Hatsune Miku, a representative Japanese avatar, daily with the use of Gatebox, the product of LINE, which applies holographic technology. Though this kind of companion-type holographic idol is no longer the novelty it once was, the IP operation concept provides an example to follow, which provokes an emotional response with IP image, and connects the consumers through the holographic technology.

The iterative process undergone by advanced technologies, such as 5G, intellectual intelligence, AR, VR etc. has been seen globally. Leading companies exploit their own advantages to accelerate their deployment in various aspects, including underlying technology, hardware equipment, and content ecology etc.

OCE insists on grafting technology into different cultural and entertainment scenes with the core of IP. The overall idea is to lead the content and technologies work in a mutually reinforcing way, giving life to the technology through the content, and providing the IP content with more imagination space by technology.

With the new round of technological upgrades, the further integration of technology and content will catalyze changes and reform in the entire entertainment industry. In the new year 2023, OCE will seize the opportunity and seek broader development.