Open Culture Entertainment's Debut at CCG EXPO Successfully Ended


From July 13th to 16th, Open Culture Entertainment (OCE) made its first appearance at the China International Animation Games Expo, showcasing the Lupin the Third series and Shangri-La Frontier. As the exhibition came to a perfect ending, let's take a moment to relive the highlights!

OCE's booth at the event was divided into two sections, each dedicated to Shangri-La Frontier and Lupin the Third, featuring exciting lucky draws that attracted a large number of visitors.

The gigantic five-meter-tall Doraemon balloon became the star attraction of Open Culture Entertainment, with fans flocking to take adorable photos with the beloved character.


The official cosplayers of Shangri-La Frontier truly brought the characters of Sun Le and Arthur to life, igniting the atmosphere with their incredible resemblance. The photo sessions with the cosplayers were a constant stream of excited fans, and the gaming activities were always packed with enthusiastic participants.


Throughout the four-day exhibition, the booth saw an impressive flow of 60,000 visitors, gaining over 3,000 new followers on social media platforms. The discussions surrounding the event surpassed 10,000 mentions on various SNS platforms, and mainstream media outlets such as ICS Foreign Channel and People's Daily were quick to report on the success of CCG's exhibition.


The success of CCG's participation in the event is attributed to the unwavering support of the organizers and fans. OCE promises to live up to everyone's expectations and will continue to strive in presenting fans with even more high-quality IP experiences.