“Arashi Anniversary Tour 5 x 20 Film: Record of Memories” Viewing Party Concludes Triumphantly!


On May 20th, a day replete with love and significance, Open Culture Entertainment (OCE) meticulously orchestrated a complimentary viewing party for Arashi fans. By ten in the morning, a serpentine queue had already formed at the cinema, fans eagerly clutching Arashi merchandise, engaging in spirited exchanges with fellow enthusiasts.


As the film commenced, a sea of colorful support banners unfurled, uniting fans from far and wide in a silent pact of adoration for their beloved idols, creating a heart-stirring spectacle that imbued the event with profound meaning.



Following the screening, fans gathered at the photo wall to collectively sing Arashi's 'A·RA·SHI,' culminating a day brimming with smiles and tears with this melodious song.

We are wholeheartedly delighted to witness the long-awaited reunion of fans at the screening, and extend our gratitude for your unwavering support and affection. We aspire to host similar events in the future and will continue to strive in providing exceptional service and heartfelt experiences.

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