The grand opening of the Crayon Shin-chan movie-themed flash event took place on November 17th at Shanghai Sinar Mas Plaza.


New Dimension! Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Battle of Supernatural Powers started its pre-sale on November 16th and is set to premiere nationwide on November 25th. Returning to the cinema screens after a seven-year hiatus, fans are immersed in the excitement. The film's assisting importer, Open Culture Entertainment, has prepared a month-long movie-themed flash event, which opened on November 17th at the LG2 atrium of Shanghai Sinar Mas Plaza.



On the morning of November 17th, Mr. Fan Xiaotong, Executive Deputy General Manager of of the Real Estate Business Division of APP China, Ms. Luo Huichun, General Manager of the Commercial Department of the Real Estate Business Division of APP China, and Mr. Chen Jinhuan, CEO of Open Culture Entertainment, along with other guests, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the flash event.



Crayon Shin-chan, as a nationally beloved IP in Japan, has garnered explosive popularity and immense influence in China as well. OCE has consistently embraced its role as a cultural and cinematic bridge between China and Japan, contributing to the promotion of cultural exchanges in its domain. The upcoming release of New Dimension! Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Battle of Supernatural Powers, assisted by Open Culture Entertainment, marks its return to mainland China’s cinemas after seven years since Crayon Shin-chan: Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World! in 2016. Beyond simply introducing more Chinese audiences to the charm of Crayon Shin-chan, OCE also aspires to use offline events as a medium for a broader audience to experience the allure of animation culture.


Upon entering the shopping mall, the first thing that captivates the gaze is a true-to-life replica of the movie's Kandam robot. Towering at a height of 10 meters in the atrium of Shanghai Sinar Mas Plaza, the robot's two eyes emit a radiant golden glow. Crayon Shin-chan stands proudly atop Kandam's head in a charging pose, as if already gearing up for battle, poised to spring into action and faithfully recreating the mesmerizing scenes from the film. Fans and visitors alike swiftly take out their smartphones, capturing this breathtaking spectacle and immortalizing the awe-inspiring moment through photographs.


The flash event covers an area of approximately 150 square meters, with its interior adorned in elements inspired by the latest Crayon Shin-chan movie. From the themed color walls to the lively decor and the exquisite merchandise display area, every detail immerses visitors in the charm of Crayon Shin-chan. The event offers a variety of Crayon Shin-chan-related merchandise, including plush toys, canvas bags, hoodies, notebooks, and more. Each piece of merchandise reflects the love for Crayon Shin-chan fans. Moreover, the store features various entertaining interactive activities and special events, such as lucky ring toss and limited-time discounts, delivering an abundance of surprises and joy to everyone. The collaboration with two restaurants at Sinar Mas Plaza, Niao Yuan and Azul Italiano, is also a hot topic. Customers who purchase the collaborative themed meals from these two restaurants can even redeem gifts at the flash store, adding an extra layer of excitement to the entire experience.

Open Culture Entertainment (OCE), formerly known as the New Business Development Department of ORIX (China) Investment Co., Ltd., emerged in 2019 with the leading investment from ORIX Asia Capital, breaking ground in the realm of film and television. It is dedicated to crafting an operational platform for film and television IPs in China, Japan, and even broader Asia.


In 2015, OCE played a pivotal role in thawing the ice in Sino-Japanese film exchanges, notably assisting in the successful release of Doraemon: Stand by Me in China. Since then, it has been an instrumental force, consistently introducing high-quality works such as Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and Closed Cased (aka Detective Conan) animated film series. Beyond its contributions to imported animations, OCE has ventured into promoting Chinese films internationally. In 2019, it distributed Pegasus (Chinese:飞驰人生) in Japan, and despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2021, it achieved the screening of Detective Chinatown 3 (Chinese:唐人街探案3) in numerous Japanese cinemas. In early 2022, the company established the "Chinese Film Festival" platform in Japan, setting fixed screening sessions and times for Chinese films, with the purpose to cultivate a more extensive fan base for Chinese cinema.


Looking ahead, OCE remains committed to fostering increased exchange in the film and television entertainment sectors between China and Japan. Collaborating with partners such as APP China, it aims to play an even more significant role as a bridge, contributing to the development of an internationalized entertainment ecosystem.