OCE Licensing | 3D Crayon Shin-chan x Nayuki Tea New Product Launch!


On October 27th, the brand-new fruit tea "Supreme Tangerine Jasmine" co-created by Open Culture Entertainment and Nayuki Tea was officially launched nationwide. Made with a base of Jasmine tea, paired with hand-peeled juicy tangerine and smooth tea jelly, this magical combination delivers a delightful taste that uplifts your mood.


Not only is it delicious, but the packaging is also eye-catching and attractive. The drink cups and thermal insulation bags for this collaboration feature the 3D image of Crayon Shin-chan, ensuring that your warm or cool drink is always at the perfect temperature as just made. In addition, there's a limited-edition paper tote bag to carry various merchandise, allowing you to revel in the envious gazes of passersby.


As soon as the products hit the shelves, the ordering servers were overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm! In just ten minutes, the flagship combo "Supreme Tangerine Jasmine" sold out, and the refrigerator magnets and cushions were also hugely popular!

Stomach not satisfied with just a beverage? The creamy “Coconut Cake Roll" is also available! Soft cake roll wrapped in dried coconut, combined with silky cream and savory cheese, it's irresistible to anyone!


When we were young, we used to believe in superpowers, not realizing that our innocent imagination itself is a superpower.

On November 25th, don't forget to bring Nayuki Tea to the cinema and meet Crayon Shin-chan!