Doraemon, the "Top Trend of Childhood," landed at the Bubbling & Boiling Music Festival, amplifying the joy of the holiday!


The "Top Trend of Childhood" is back with the joy of music! During the May Day holiday, the movie "Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony" made its debut at the Tianjin Bubbling & Boiling Music and Art Festival. As a significant stop of Doraemon's "Music Energy Collection Plan," the festival set up a dedicated "Doraemon Music Energy Collection Station," which attracted many visitors to check in, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere. Doraemon not only made surprise appearances at the music energy collection station, taking photos with fans and capturing their joyful moments, but also dropped in on the music stage for two consecutive days, interacting closely with the audience and winning over fans. Childhood nostalgia and innocent childlike hearts were awakened by the "power of cute," continuously amplifying the joy of the holiday!

The latest theatre version of the Doraemon series, "Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony," directed by Kazuaki Imai and scripted by Teruko Utsumi, will hit cinemas nationwide on May 31st. This Children’s Day let's enjoy the happiness that music brings together!

At the festival, the "Doraemon Music Energy Collection Station" was exceptionally eye-catching. The interactive karaoke setup attracted many fans to check in. The gaming setup recorded everyone's high-energy singing moments, with fans eagerly providing "music energy," constantly escalating the fun and excitement. Doraemon's surprise appearance made it the focus of the event. Its adorable persona touched the hearts of fans, prompting both young and old to take photos as a souvenir of this happy moment. They exclaimed, "I didn't expect to see Doraemon at the music festival. My dream has finally come true!"

Doraemon not only interacted closely with the audience off-stage but also transformed into a super cute host on-stage, making a surprise appearance to boost the festive atmosphere. The moment it appeared, it captured high popularity. Its enthusiastic and lively demeanor instantly awakened childhood memories among the audience. The entire crowd was hit by the "blue cuteness power," collectively shouting "Doraemon" in affection and pushing the atmosphere to the peak! Doraemon introduced its new role in the movie – a conductor and revealed the new storyline, "This time, the stage will be the 'hall of music' floating in the universe, and we'll embark on a great adventure in the world of music." It enthusiastically invited everyone to come to the cinema on May 31 to watch its new movie "Doraemon: Nobita's Earth Symphony."

In this wild and liberating holiday gathering, Doraemon also showcased its talents. Amid the cheers of the audience, it demonstrated its musical strength. Its adorable manner and fan-pleasing actions ignited the atmosphere. The audience repeatedly expressed, "People really fall in love with Doraemon over and over again at different ages," "So cute that my heart melted, I really want to hug the blue chubby right now," and "I'm here to protect Doraemon's Children's Day. I must go to the cinema on June 1!"

Since the release of "Doraemon: Stand by Me" in China in 2015, the Doraemon series has accompanied audiences on the big screen for ten consecutive years. Watching Doraemon on Children's Day is not only a must-do activity for families but also an important ceremony for young people to celebrate their unspoiled childlike hearts in the process of growing up.


This year's latest theatre version adopts the theme of "music" for the first time, with the Doraemon and his friends transforming into musicians, guarding the future of the earth and music. Faced with the invasion of terrifying creatures, Doraemon and new allies from a mysterious planet together perform a symphony of the earth, unfolding a tense, exciting, and joyous musical adventure. The film is directed by Kazuaki Imai, scripted by Teruko Utsumi, and involves many famous musicians in its production, promising to bring a joyous new experience with its musical elements. On May 31, come to the cinema and experience this colorful audio-visual feast!

"Doraemon: Nobita’s Earth Symphony" is a production of Japan's SHIN-EI Animation Co., Ltd., imported by China Film Group Corporation, and distributed and translated by China Film Co., Ltd. The film will be released nationwide on May 31st. Stay tuned for this heartwarming symphony of adventure, laughter, and music!