OCE Merchandising Products | Crayon Shin-chan Co-branded Ice-Cream Launch!


“New Dimension! Crayon Shin-chan The Movie: Battle of Supernatural Powers” x BABE’S BOTTLE co-branded ice-cream is now available at 711 convenience stores!


Our Milk Flavor ice cream brims with creamy richness. Made from authentic Hokkaido milk as its main ingredient, this treat contains no artificial sweeteners or trans fats, truly achieving a healthy and delicious indulgence.


The Honey Peach Oolong flavor brings color to the chubby face of Shin-chan, mirroring his animated charm straight from the movie. The refreshing peach flavor is sweet but not cloying, making it an ideal delight for those with a soft spot for slight sweetness. What’s more enchanting is Shin-chan's chocolate cookie-made eyes, eyebrows, and hair, adding a layer of indulgent flavor.


3DCG Crayon Shin-chan shaped ice-cream is now on hot sale at 711 convenience stores. Go and get the adorable Crayon Shin-chan!