Case Closed The Movie /Detective Conan The Movie
Case Closed/Detective Conan films series is adapted from the manga series Detective Conan, with its first entry in Japan in 1997. So far, 25 feature films have been released, and it is still updated every year. Since 2020, OCE has been assisting in its release on the screen of mainland China.

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The height of Kudo Shinichi, Kaito Kuroba, and Heiji Harrori are all 174cm, same as the height of the author, Gosho Aoyama.

Vermouth (Hepburn: Berumotto) and Yukiko respectively represent the goodness and evilness of Fujiko Mine in Lupin the Third. The name, Fujimine Yukiko, comes from the combination of Fujiko Mine and her first voice actress, Yukiko Nikaido.

The true identity of the boss of the Black Organization has always been a hot topic among fans.