Lupin III (also written as Lupin the Third) is a legend in the Japanese animation industry, regarded as an immortal legend. Monkey Punch, the manga author, once said that the adventurous spirit of Lupin III is what he has pursued throughout his life, and all dreams and fantasies are realized in Lupin III.

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Know more about Lupin the Third

In the series of live-action theatrical film Rurouni Kenshin, the protagonist Kenshin has a classic footwork featuring the slow movement. It is inspired by the classic drift by Lupin’s Fiat 500F.

The watch Lupin III wears is Zenith A384 (a Swiss Luxury watch brand), which was originally fictitious. However, Zenith produced the same watch after it aired.

Gosho Aoyama is a loyal fan of Lupin III’s author, Monkey Punch.